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The Kris-Kross and FFHerp story

Kris-Kross, primarily a software product company, brings together innovation, domain knowledge and technology strengths to provide customers run their business with maximum efficiency. It operates on the vision of a learning organisation and has a trained pool that stays focussed on the cutting edge of software trends.

The focus is to provide customers with the best in aesthetics, functionality and simple user interface. Each project gets handled with unique perspective and integrity.

FFHerp is a flagship product of Kris-Kross Inc. developed with keeping the needs of a growing business.

Every organization has a field force today that needs to be integrated with the back end team so as to generate maximum business and optimum profits. Most organizations today have back end ERP solutions that help the backend team in their work and functionality, but very few of them have their front end sales and support or customer facing teams on any systems that can help them in their work. Also these teams work in isolated silos and hence many a times prove ineffective.

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